Need recommendation for Atmos speakers that sit atop towers.


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As I have low ceilings I have decided that my best solution for At,os speakers is to simply have them sit atop my towers. But so many brands out there I am not sure what to buy. I want to spend under 800 for a pair. Thankyou in advance.


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Hi what towers do you have?

Dali Alteco C1's can be sat on top of towers and come in a few colour choices.

Kef R8A & Q50A, Monitor Audio Bronze/Silver AMS. If you search "Dolby Atmos Enabled speakers", you'll get a good selection of options.


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But I want to know which are the most effective.
In truth...

Because sound is so subjective and individual, only your ears (through home demo) can determine this. In addition there are so many other variables that can impact on a speakers effectiveness. The same speakers can (and often do) sound completely different in different rooms etc.

I use 4 Alteco C1's - I originally had them in the position you plan too. I now have them mounted as heights near the ceiling. They are (imo) a cracking speaker - very versatile, bit I prefer them mounted as heights vs ontop of my floorstanders. They aren't poor in either position, but for me they sound better as heights. But ymmv as they say.

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There are a number of variables that determine the speaker effectiveness in your living room.
Projection distance for the sound bouncing off the ceiling being the biggest.

Are you planning on having them on top of your speakers or mounted on the wall?

I can vouch for the Monitor Audio Silver AMS - we set up a full 5.1.2 system a week or two ago and was pleasantly surprised by their performance.

The opening scene to Star Wars IX has a good track for the heights and my colleague and I both commented on the effectiveness of the module.

Note - we were sitting 2.5m back from the speakers.

ALTECO C1's are also a good shout. As others state - they're a versatile speaker. As they're not officially ATMOS rated, it actually leaves them usable for other formats too (i.e. stereo mix) as they don't have the EQ that Dolby require for certification that makes them overly bright in a non-ATMOS configuration.




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With Atmos, the brand of speaker isn't as important as you may think. On the hierarchy on the list, they are right at the bottom and in fact placement is more important so long as you use a reasonable speakers for the job

So, as they are going to be sat on top of the speakers you already own. I'd say look to the ones which best suit the design and size of your speaker

One thing to be mindful of, using the speakers in this manner for Atmos is the least prefered and as a rule, higher on the wall or ceiling delivers a much more realistic experience. So, when choosing, just make sure you can also mount them on the wall to as you then have both bases covered

The Dali's have already been mentioned and they are popular, they fit both abilities I've mentioned, but you have a vast array Atmos Speakers to choose from, so like I've said, look for one that will suit the design of your speaker as brand loyalty isn't as important as you may think


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The only issue with atmo speakers is they're usually inefficient, poor bass response, and expensive.

Look for two way design


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Not sure if this thread is too old now but I'll take a punt on a quick follow up:-
I have a KEF 5.1 with R3's and am thinking of trying the Q50a's as an atmos experiment - the Dali's are in the mix too. As I rent, permanently fixing these into the walls isn't an option but I am thinking of alternatives - however, if I stick to putting these on top of other speakers is there a reason why I can't do that on my L/R surrounds first? I know Dolby states that a 5.1.2 should be on the fronts but so long as you are careful with placement I can't see what difference it would make (could that muddy the soundstage for example?).
In case you're wondering if I placed them on the R3's I would probably need new stands (Q50a's are another 4-5kg each) and maybe it's just me but I don't much like the look of atmos modules plonked on top of lovely looking speakers!


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Upfiring atmos can work pretty well as long as your ceiling isnt too high or angled. i have xtz s2s plonked on top of my front left and right. The atmos effect is ok. It’s better if you can put them on a high shelf. One issue inhave is that the S2s aren’t designed to work with the other speakers and the banana plus tend to scratch the other speakers…

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