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I just paid $27k, for our Toyota agency in Saudi Arabia for Hybrid CAMRY 2019. I was quite confident about this purchase, but I saw a YouTube video for a Saudi man talking about his experience with the Hybrid CAMRY 2018 after 20000 km, and was saying that the car isn't like when he purchased it.

It was running 200km with the fuel pointer at the top as he fill it to full tank, it runs 200km and the fuel pointer still at the top.

But after running 20000km the efficiency decreased, as the can now runs 250km with the fuel full, but the fuel pointer is pulled down more than before it runs like the first quarter.

That means the battery efficiency decreases after a time.

Now what should I do? I live in a hot country, and people say on forums that it's not OK to put the hybrid car under the sun.

And mostly the car would be under the sun, which is a tropical weather in our region, it's not like Europe or USA.

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