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Hello, I recently bought me first home! YAY but I am having some major trouble figuring out what to do with a TV or projector. The center of the room is the fireplace where ideally the TV or projector would be. I looked at ways to mount a TV on the fireplace and maybe use a "mantle mount" but it could cause damage to the brick and the exposed brick is a wonderful part of the house. I looked into ceiling mounts as well but still the same problem. So now I am getting into projectors as a solution. The room has natural night from multiple windows that can be controlled to an extent. I am now thinking of using a pull down screen above the fireplace and a projector. My budget for the equipment is $2,000 but would consider more to solve the solution. I am also not considering installation and the electrician in this price. Any ideas would be great. Again, I am looking to put the viewing device either TV or projector screen at the natural center of the room - fireplace and do not want to sacrifice the fireplace itself. HELP! Thanks community.


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Hi. If the fire is going to be used then a drop down screen near it isn't going to be great. Screens are vinyl generally and will be damaged easily by such heat. Causing warps and ripples for example.

Light is going to be you main issue with a projector. You will need a super bright projector to overcome natural light in that space. An ambient light rejection screen is expensive as well.

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You can also get a projector screen where the box is on the floor and you pull the screen up and hang it on a frame, if that's any good? Or maybe a screen recessed into the ceiling space, if you have the room above? Both of those would probably require the fire to be off when using them though. I had a pull up screen once and it was OK. I would recommend a motorised screen (on/in the ceiling) though, as a pull down one won't keep looking good for long, whereas a motorised one is pure class! Hope this helps.

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