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Jul 9, 2002
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I'm currently building some cabinets for my HC equipment. What I'm looking for is some adjustable runners for shelving. I've only ever seen them on the TV.

You made a dado inside your cabinet for them so they are flush, and you just put a clip in for the height of the shelf you want. I will be using glass shelves.

Not sure exactly what they are called. Anyone know what I'm talking about and where I could get them? I think they are made off brass.


Screwfix Direct refer to it as 'Book Case Strip'. Very reasonable at £19.99 for 10x1828mm strips, and £1.29 for 10xsupport clips.

If you spend more than £45 delivery is free, but below this it is £4 extra for delivery.

I have placed several orders with them, and would thoroughly recommend them to anyone, although I have never tried their online service which is

BTW, if you're using glass shelves, I would suggest adding self adhesive rubber pads to the support clips.

Hope this helps (and no, I don't work for Screwfix).


PS. I may be inviting a load of grief here, but you're not a fellow New Yankee Workshop fan are you ?

PPS. Just noticed that you are in Ireland. Not sure whether Screwfix deliver over there, but in any case, hope that the 'Book Case Strip' reference is useful. I know someone who got some from Jewsons, but it wasn't brass.
Thanks for the info. Unfortunately screwfix don't deliver to Ireland. I'll try B&Q at the weekend. At least I know what I'm asking for.

Bit of a New Yankee fan. Norm is pretty much a genius at times. Everytime I see it, I get loads of new ideas.
It's good to find someone else who can appreciate the quality of Norm's handy work, although I think a vast workshop and £loads worth of power tools also make a big contribution.

Good luck with it, and may the Norm be with you !

Norm is one of my heros too . He is cool

I know he has a shed load of tools but he does'nt need em . He can do great things without . I used to love this old house. He used to do some cool stuff to get them houses back into shape .
.... and remember, there is no more important safety rule than the wear these ... [taps glasses] ... safety glasses !
Good news is that a friend in Northern Ireland is going to order them for me and Norm was using this exact hardware tonight. Picked up a few more tips ;)
This type of shelf support system is called tonk strip and the flush type that you mention should be availible from a good architectual ironmongers shop.

Good luck Mark

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