Need opinions on upgrading Wharfedale 9 HCP with 9.1 fronts and maybe 9 CS


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I recently purchased a Wharfedale 9 HCP system connected to a Onkyo 607 and for the most part I like it. I could do with a bit more bass though. Despite tweaking I can't quite get the depth but I am impressed.

However I keep hearing how these 9.1 speakers are awesome so I am wondering how much of a sound improvement they make over the 9.0 and also on the subject the 9 CS is it significant improvement over the 9 cc?

I have read a few threads on this but I still can't decide. I know any improvement is better but has anyone upgraded to these from the standard HCP and found a much better performance.


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Can I assume your Diamond 9 HCP system has the SW150 subwoofer?

Yes, upgrading to the 9.1 and 9.CS center in front would be a real improvement, but not in bass. The low deep bass is all handled by the Subwoofer. The SW150 moves a ton of air, so you get more weight in the low bass, but it doesn't go much lower than a floorstanding front speaker.

If you want lower response in the bass, then you need to upgrade to something like a £300 Subwoofer.

But if you want improvements in clarity and general quality, upgrading the fronts is the way to do it.

The current 9.CC center should work well with either the 9.0 or 9.1. But I think, my opinion, that it might fall short when paired with Diamond floorstanding speakers. If it currently sound good to you and dialog is clean and clear, then I don't think it needs to be upgraded.

Keep in mind that the Diamond 9 series is fading fast; it is limited to existing inventory. However, in the more distant future when prices come down on the Diamond 10 series, I don't think there would be a problem mixing Diamond 9 and Diamond 10 together.

Could you give us some details on how your current set up is configured? The crossover points, etc...? Are you using the Sub to set the crossover point, or are you using the Setup in the AV amp? Do you have the speakers set to 'Large' or 'Small'?



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Hi I have the fronts on full band, the center on 50hz , LPF of LFE on 100hz and the bass from the fronts is being given to the sub as well.

The Left and Right are on 3 db and the center is 4db

This is how the AV set it up except I bypassed the bass from the fronts to the sub.

My speakers are 2.7 metres away from me if that is of any use.


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I'm afraid on this one I'm going to have to disagree with steve although he is very knowledgable about this sort of thing! The diamond 9 range of speakers use the same tweeter across the range. So if you change your 9.0s to 9.1s say, you're not going to suddenly get a clearer sound. You may get a bit more power out of them, but it's not going to make a big difference to the low bass as the sub handles that.

I'd change your settings slightly. Set the sub crossover to 80hz for a start. set all of the speakers to small.
What do you mean by bypassed the bass from the front to the sub? Are you talking about the crossover point? If you set all of the speakers to small and the crossover to 80, all of the speakers will then get everything above 80hz and the sub everything below. That's the way most systems are set up and mine personally with diamonds and it sounds good.

I used to have the sw250 sub and found that my receiver automatically set the sub far too low. I had to adjust it up by 3db from the receiver settings and had it turned up to 80 on the sub before I was happy with the bass. So it could be as simple as changing your crossover point and turning up the sub.

In the end the wharfedale sub had to go to be replaced by a monolith. Now there is no problem with lack of bass! But that's more money as they are £250/300 secondhand, which may be more than you have to spare. Personally though, I made up some of the cash by selling the old one, so it may be something to consider.

I've got 2 sets of 9.1s, a 9cs and a pair of 9sr speakers in my setup, without the sub the bass is still pathetic for films though so don't think that upgrading the other speakers will sort out out your bass problems, unless you're going for big floorstanders.


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I fiddled with the sub a bit more and have got a bit more bass out of it, I realise it will never give the depth that £300 subs can give. I meant the bass is there but it is more subtle than those that give an actual boom more of a rumble with the 150. However it does sound good with the Dark Knight with those subtle rumbles in the soundtrack.

As for the speakers I have ordered two 9.1 I realise these wont increase bass and that is fine but I need a little more presence with sound at the front. To me the 9.0 strain a little so I went for the 9.1s, I hear they are better... hopefully my ears agree. I will sell the 9.0 on ebay and move the other two to the rear.

I am on a bit of a budget I guess I could have stretched and got a better sub like the xls 200 but I have only just bought this and it seems a shame to start selling all of it. Aside from upgrading the fronts I will leave it as it is for now.

I have made my bed and must lay in it.


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Well the other option is, keep the 9.0 and move them to rear surround. Yes, a 7.1 system! I have done that with mine, ok the 7.1 is simulated on most films as it splits the rear channels into the side speakers and the ones behind you, but it still sounds great despite what negatrons may say. Definitely plug in and have a listen before deciding to sell. It was definitely worth doing in my experience.

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