Need opinions on a number of 40-42" LCD TVs


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Hi, I've been looking at a number of 40-42" LCD TVs, but I can't find reviews for some of them and I'm having real difficulty making the final decision.

Before the TVs on my list, let me tell you a bit about my viewing habits:

- TV will be used in a dark room a lot, in addition to normal daylight. The sun though won't shine directly in to the room, though I don't want a TV that could potentially act as a mirror.
- It will be heavily used for 720p/1080i/1080p HD content. Movies, TV shows, a lot of animation, a bit of sports.
- It will be used to watch some SD content
- Most of the content will be played with a PC connected to the TV with HDMI
- It will be used for some gaming (Xbox 360, PC)

Here are the TVs within my initial 600€ budget:

Sony KDL40EX500AEP
Sony KDL-40EX402
Sony KDL40BX400AEP
LG 42LD450N
Samsung LE40C535XXE

I haven't found a single review for the Samsung model. According to the reviews I've found for the KDL40EX500 it is a very good TV, but I haven't found any expert reviews. A user review I found for the LG claimed it's a worthy purchase. Couldn't make any definite conclusions from any of them.

Here's a couple more TVs that I can loosen my budget for IF they're better than what's in the list and if they're truly worth it. FWIW, they're all around ~700€.

Samsung LE40C650/652/653
LG 42LD550/650/750
Panasonic TXL42S20E (added)
LG 42LH5020 (added)

I don't think I've found any expert reviews for the LG TVs so I couldn't draw any conclusions about those TVs. *'s review for Samsung LE40C650 claims that the TV attempts to reduce grain (a big no-no) with a mode that can't be turned off and that it has significant input lag, which is no good either. Do the 652 and 653 inherit the same problems?

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