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Need new tv, considering in buying a plasma NEED ADVICE!!!

Discussion in 'Plasma TVs Forum' started by Frankeh, May 22, 2005.

  1. Frankeh


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    I was planning to buy a new TV this summer, first I was going to buy me the most expensive CRT there is (CRT's aren't that expensive anymore but have good quality so that's good for my wallet & eyes)

    I never came in confrontation with High Definition before in Belgium, HDTV is slightly getting into the European market and I really want to play my games (the main reason why I need a good TV) in High Definition, such a big difference!!

    So I was checking a belgian online shop who sells TV's, I noticed no CRT TV' are HDTV ready, only LCD & Plasma.

    My budget isn't that high, I'm still a student but I will be collecting my money by doing vacation jobs. I know the pro and contras between LCD and Plasma and I don't really want to buy an LCD because of the color quality (especially dark)

    so I was checking the plasma TV's on that site.. I saw this one: http://www.vandenborre.be/ECOM/app/ECOM.vdb?Np=MqqaM2tbeC933jqaieanKmdmP.9k

    2000€ = 2500$ = 1350£

    (my budget can't go much higher than that)

    can you guys please give me advice if that plasma is any good (looking at the specs) ?

    It's in dutch but you should understand the technical terms on the right side, if you have any questions what a specific thing means, just ask I can translate it.

    Another thing.. what about in-burn with Plasmas? I heard in-burn can happen after 15 minutes of the same picture?? what if I play games for hours with a HUD system always on the same spot???

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