need new DVD player for big CRT TV...


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I've just replaced an old Sony 21" TV with a new Panasonic TX36PD30 (36") TV which has component inputs and NTSC and PAL progressive scan. Very impressed so far :)

I currently have a 1999-vintage Toshiba SD2109 DVD player - with the exception of one aspect of its performance (see later) I've always been very impressed with this player.

I'm now thinking of replacing the Toshiba DVD player with something that supports NTSC/PAL progressive scan (which I assume means it *will* also have component outputs) - for not more than about £250...
- Must have have an RGB SCART.
- I'm not worried about onboard DD/DTS decoding.
- I have a strong preference for a black case - I would settle for silver, but gold is definitely out.
- Best picture quality is the main selection criteria.

I've narrowed it down to:

Sony DVP-NS930V (£250 - current fav.)
Harman Kardon DV30 (£250)
Cambridge Audio Azur 540D (£250)
Yamaha DVD-S540 (£150)

Any thoughts on which to go for ? are they much of a muchness, or does any one of them really stand out ?

Any other machines to consider ? I'd be interested in another Toshiba (based on past experience), or a Panasonic (to match the new TV), but I couldn't find any matching my specs.

BTW-#1: How are these players on layer changes ? the only real beef I have with my current Toshiba is that layer changes are usually slower than the sinking of the Titantic, but I'm assuming this is not the case with current generation players ???

BTW-#2: Is there any difference between a Sony DVP-NS930, and a DVP-NS930V ? I've seen both listed on and the only difference seems to be that the non-V has "3D Surround", but I'm assuming that maybe one of them is a slightly updated model ?

Thanks in anticipation.



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I recently purchased the Toshiba 530e from
Only available in silver unfortunately, but does support pal and ntsc progressive scan, through component outputs as you rightly assumed.

Also has RGB scart

Almost instant layer change (I rarely notice it) and £179.99 plus delivery.

It produces a pretty good picture on my new Panasonic Ae300 projector.

Hope this helps.

Have just discovered on this forum that richersounds are doing this player in multiregion form for £119.99 :mad:


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From my experience/ research...

Sony 930 is great but poor with -R, slow layer change.

Pioneer 565, good with dual audio but iffy R1 RGB (scart) don't know about component,

Yamaha S540.... well I love the image but find it "works" in a strange way,
e.g. play a movie and power down at some point, come back and press on/play... you need to press play again (quickly) to go back to the previous scene otherwise it starts the whole movie.

HK supporters love them, I have no experience though.

CA, from what I read, don't do it, it's RS doing it's " not got what you want but this is great":nono:

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