Need new 43inch 4K TV advice - (or monitor options).


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Hello folks, so for the past couple of weeks, I've been doing a lot of TV research trying to find a replacement TV for my older Sony set which broke down some months back. But honestly, I feel like I'm hitting my head against a brick wall right now. So far nothing as really stood out to me and reviews aren't much help either. I feel like if it doesn't cost more than £1000 and feature a billion features most tech review sites aren't interested and usually treat the more budget sets with contempt. So at this point, I'm lost and more confused than ever. Basically, I'm looking for a solid 43 inch 4K TV for around £300 - £450. Bluetooth compatibility would be a nice addition as I generally use a set of Sony wireless headphones and being able to connect them would be nice but not a must-have feature. So far I've mainly looked at these two sets:

Philips 43PUS7805/12

Samsung UE43TU7100

Now the Samsung set seems a little harder to find for purchase from what I can tell and I've read about some issues with the Philips set so I'm willing to listen to any other options you might have. I do connect my PC to my TV set (something I've done for many years now) and I would be more than happy to continue that as I enjoy the larger screen for console gaming etc. But I have also been considering if a monitor might be the way to go even if the screen sizes are much smaller. Trouble is that's another messy affair as there are endless monitors to choose from and finding the right one seems impossible.

So could you help me with some recommendations? Willing to consider all including monitors you think might be good for me.

Really do appreciate any help.


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It's right at the top end of your budget but there's a deal at Costco for the newer 9000 series Samsung.

I've bought one but still waiting for delivery so can't speak from experience. There's a review from someone here who uses his for gaming and he says good things about it.

I had a look at all the 43 options in the shop recently so LG Philips Hisense Samsung and the picture all looked quite similar, it was just viewing angle, number of HDMI ports and the user interface that was a factor for me


Its not that most review sites aren't interested, its just that no smaller TVs are higher end spec nowadays. That can be a big problem with HDR.

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