Need netbook with certain specifications, afraid to trust manufacturers descriptions.


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Hello there, I know there are floods of people asking for netbook recommendations and I'm about to add to the swamp... Sorry! :(

I'm looking for something that costs a maximum of £250 but would prefer to spend less.

I need
brand new, NOT refubished,
fast web browsing (fast in all ways preferably),
option to connect portable hard drive via usb,
wireless AND LAN connectivity,
small, light and slim,

Now, I know I'm probably asking a lot here and I will appreciate any help given. However if I'm just not going to get what I want for that price just let me know and I'll stop bothering you all!

Whilst some machines seem good there's always one thing I have to compromise on when I read reviews by people who've actually bought the machine.


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fast web browsing (fast in all ways preferably)
Netbooks at that price are much of a muchness in terms of hardware. There are only a few combinations of CPU, graphics etc. Most have the same Atom processor, graphics and 1GB RAM.

This makes them not that quick... I am writing this on a Dell mini 10v which I like. It is not the fastest machine in the world but one you have booted and opened a browser (Using Google Chrome as that is a lot faster on this) web browsing is ok.

spyder viewer

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Samsung N130
Asus 1005HA
Asus 1008HA
HP Mini 110
Acer Aspire One D250

Have no opinions on either of these but they have all featured on this forum in the last 2 months. Would recommend W7.

None of these machines has big processors or HD graphics but they all will do what you want well. Just remember no heavy multitasking. You have to compromise whether you pay £250 or £1250! Just decide what you want it for and decide which models tick your boxes.


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I wanted a second computer and agonised for ages over a netbook. In the end I bought a Toshiba NB200 and am very happy with it. It runs Windows 7 Starter which looks like something between Vista and Apple. Some of the fancy graphic representations are missing but I guess that saves disk space. I'm unsure as to whether to upgrade this to the full 'Home Premium. It is not as fast as my main machine but fast enough for most purposes. I've slotted in a SD card which helps a bit.

As far as Web operation is concerned it runs very well. I can watch BBC iplayer with no difficulty although that is using my 10meg broadband. This came as a bit of a bonus as I had not expected such a smooth ride.

The machine is very solidly built. Its a bit on the heavy side but I guess that is the price you pay for nearly 9 hours of battery time which was the clincher for me.

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