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Need Laptop with Switchable Graphics (integrated + dedicated)


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Hi All,

Need a new laptop for Uni. I will be using the laptop for work (obviously), movies and gaming. I will also be using the laptop while on the move as it takes me 5 hours to get from home to uni or vice versa. So i am looking for a laptop with both integrated graphics so battery life is extended but also dedicated graphics for gaming.

I have a budget of £1000 but am willing to go up to £1400. So far the only laptop i found is the sony vaio z which does have switchable graphics but im not too impressed with the 330m graphic card. I would like the games to run at a decent level, around medium settings.

What i want from the laptop:

I will be using the laptop for work (word,excel,powerpoint etc) and also gaming. The games I intend on playing are the newer games such as nfs shift 2, crysis 2 aswell as other power hungry games to come. But i will also be playing some old favourites such as half life, nfs most wanted (love this game) among a few others. Blu-Ray is a must aswell as a HDMI out port. Processor must at least be a core i5 with 4gb ram. 3D laptop would be nice but is not neccessary. Would also like it to weigh if possible less than 2kg (4.4 lbs), maximum is 2.3kg (5.07 lbs).

All help is much apprecated.:thumbsup:

Also i did search the forums around 10 times before i decided i would have to make my own thread so if i did just create a pointless thread im sorry :blush:
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I have an Acer Aspire 3810TG I bought at Xmas for a third of £1000 and it does the job.

Maybe you could look at a newer version of that.

I have HDMI, Switchable graphics etc


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An Alienware M11x r2 or 3 would fit the bill, the only thing being is that you would have to buy an offboard optical drive.

I have an original m11x and it does what you want really well, you wont get it to play the latest games on really high res but stuff like cod plays fine. The later models have got the "i" processors.


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Have a look at the Dell outlet stores. I picked up a fully load M17R2 for not a lot more than your budget and they also have the smaller machines as well.


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A friend of mine told me to get a laptop with Nvidia Optimus technology. I have no idea of what it is so i would be grateful if someone could explain it to me and would the laptop be ideal for me considering what i need it for?


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The new Dell XPS 15 has switchable graphics and you can spec it up with blu-ray and stuff.

I've got one (not specced massively) and it is great. The speakers are incredible!

Mine has a new i5 processor, a 2gb Nvidia 540 graphics card, 500gb HD, 4GB Ram.

You can select the 2410 processor with the same spec as mine, but with Blu-ray and the much better screen (which is supposed to be amazing, but out of my price range) for £975 before discount codes and Quidco. Check out dmxdimension for codes. You could also add a better processor if you wanted.

Oh, and it has the Nvidia Optimus technology that you mention: it switches between onboard and dedicated graphics as needed, although you can also do it manually if you like.

It might be worth getting the 9-cell battery (I forgot to add it to the one I specced above, although the option isn't there at the moment).
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Thanks alot everyone for your help especially noggleboggleman (nice name). I now plan to get the xps 15. just got to wait another week for my pay check then iim off to a dell store. Again thanks alot.

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