Need iPod speakers - 8Gb iPod design?


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Hi folks,

I am sure I read somewhere that the new 2nd gen 8Gb iPod has a slighly different design to that of the 2Gb and 4Gb versions, with the docking connection at the bottom being slightly shifted over.

Is this true? I am trying to find a speaker system for this iPod - but I don't want to buy the wrong one.

Any ideas?


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The new 2nd gen ipod nano is different to the 1st gen nano, but all of the new generation models, 2g, 4g & 8g use the same connector dock.
I find the iWorld site quite useful as it says which ipod each device is compatible with.
Here's a link to the speakers section, you may find it on there.

Hope this helps, have a good Xmas.

Thanks Wayne.

All the best to you for Christmas as well!! :thumbsup:

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