Need hole in chimney big enough for HDMI. Normal drill bit do the job?


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Hi all,

I've just bought and mounted a Samsung 46" LED onto my wall (which is actually a chimney breast but has been plastered and painted).

So, I need to drill a hole behind the TV. I know I should use a proper corded drill and core diamond drill bit but all I want to get through the hole is a couple of HDMI leads. As you all know, the head of a HDMI isn't huge so would a normal drill and drill bit do the job? Or not a good idea?

Cheers everyone,



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If you can source a 26-32mm Masonry bit hat should allow 2-3 HDMI leads depending size. Ensure the ends are covered with masking or electrical tape to protect the connector. The first will be easy. Thereafter you will need to go slow and steady avoiding any tugging on the leads.. I'd use the first lead as a draw cord and you will probably need to twist/rotate the cable as it passes thought the hole.


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I used a 25mm masonary drill bit that our electrician had when he came to fit our spotlights.

Through the hole i have got:-

3 x HDMI
1 X power
3 x speaker cable
1 x sub cable

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Firstly, an SDS drill is the only way if you want an easy life and to do the job with a single clean hole. Second tip, something I did for a hole which I occasionally re-thread cat5 cables through is to line the hole with a bit of plastic piping. Whatever you use to drill the hole it will always be dusty inside and you don't want that getting in your connectors, a plastic sleeve inside can be made to look really tidy after (with a bit of filler around the pipe) and makes threading cables a moments work.

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