Need help with Tidal payments?


If I was wise, I would ignore your patronising post. However, I believe that I have a reasonable grasp of technical issues even though streaming presents a steep learning curve. The variable quality of information presented on forums can be a further challenge, no more so than MQA and it’s army of haters who dredge the internet for support of their bias. As stated before, best to listen to full unfold and let ears decide, IMHO. This should be a forum for positives in a medium that delivers one of life’s pleasures.
this will be my last post on this streaming forum and happy listening to all enthusiasts.
FYI Cebolla, I took A level physics aged 17. Studied engineering at a top uni. retired as a 777/747 Captain with a sound knowledge of the myriad of cutting edge technology therein. Professionally, we had the mantra “ ignorance is no excuse”.

Wow, where did that come from? Apologies for the offense caused - it was not intended, I assure you. Here was me rather innocently thinking that you'd actually respond with an insightful explanation of your use of 'third party' in that context given my understanding of it - suppose we'll now never know what that was.


OK. Tidal stopped working again, when I tried to play a track it's asking to take a free trial or upgrade. Checked my Tidal account fully paid up all year, renews on the 24 Dec.
I had to delete the Tidal app and download it again. Lost all my play lists though.

Are you definitely using the same username/password of the TIDAL account that you paid for?


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No, it turns out I had two accounts different email address's .
I've been paying for two, but only used the apple one.
When I cancelled the apple one it stopped, but the other one, the Tidal one didn't kick in.
Last night I had to log in to the Tidal to activate it and it worked and retained my play list.
This morning it stopped again, couldn't get working without with deleting the Tidal app and reinstalling it. However, this deleted my play list, which was 11 months old..
Anyway, so far, it's working well, see what happens tomorrow. Lol

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