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Best set up for Q950T?

I feel like I’m lost with how to set up the soundbar with my other systems and would love some input as far as settings and hdmi hookups go.

My set up includes:
-Samsung Q950T Soundbar
-Sony X900H TV
-Phillips Hue Sync box
-Apple Tv 4k

Currently I have my Apple TV and PlayStation plugged into the sync box on hdmi 2 and 4. From the sync box to the tv on hdmi 2, then from the tv to the soundbar with eARC hdmi 3.
Before that set up I had the Apple TV and ps5 plugged directly into the soundbar and then to the sync box from there but I started having a problem with the soundbar not switching to the right hdmi channel when everything came on once the Apple TV was turned on.
I have the Sony tv configured to work with the soundbar on eARC and it seems to work fine but I have gotten random pop noises when switching apps or something.

It doesn’t seem quite as “punchy” as it was before but it’s hard to tell sometimes. My big problem that I don’t understand is on Netflix and HBO Max it does say I can run Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos but the soundbar hasn’t been displaying “Atmos” on the small screen on top of the bar whenever I start playing something with Atmos. It still lets me change the sound mode too when playing Atmos content.

Is there a better configuration I should be using? Like maybe plug the sync box into the soundbar and then to the tv from there? I also have the audio output format to “Auto 1” out of the three choices on the tv, which is what I had before and I was getting Atmos displayed on the soundbar.

I would really appreciate some ideas of what settings to use and the right hdmi configuration.


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Have you tried removing the Hue-sync Box from the system and seeing how the video and audio respond without the inherent limitations the Sync box has once you start trying to cater for Atmos, DV etc


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