Need Help with Samsung HW-Q70R


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Hello everyone,

I recently purchased a Samsung HW-Q70R soundbar and SWA-8500s rear surround speakers. Everything was working perfect, there was a firmware update for the soundbar, I updated through the Samsung Smart Hub app. After the update, rear surround speakers are producing static noise and very poor audio.

Here are some steps that I have already tried.

1. Tried to reset the soundbar. No luck
2. relinked the rear speakers and subwoofer. No Luck
3. tried to update the firmware via the smart hub. soundbar already has the latest firmware. No luck
4. I tried to reinstall the firmware via USB but soundbar is not updating at all. NO Luck

Do you guys have any idea how to reinstall the firmware on this soundbar? or any other way to restore the factory default firmware?

The procedure on Samsung's website is not working.

Thanks in advance
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