Need help with Samsung BD-P1000 in combination with Samsung PS-50P5H

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by ClarkVent, Sep 9, 2007.

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    I bought the Samsung BD-P1000 just a few days ago, to hook up to my Samsung PS-50P5H Plasma screen (and to replace a Denon 1920 DVD player). The questions I have are about the combination of the two.

    The BD-P1000 is connected to my DD5.1 A/V receiver through the optical digital out.

    When I set the "Digital Output" of the BD-P1000 to PCM, I get sound from both my tv and my A/V Receiver but the sound from the A/V Receiver isn't Dolby Digital (or however the sound is encoded on the disc). When I set it to bitstream, the sound through the A/V Receiver is now in DD5.1, but I get no sound from the tv and I get a message from the BD-P1000 that HDMI Audio is not supported. I guess what they mean is that HDMI multichannel audio is not supported. I honestly have no idea if my Plasma supports multichannel HDMI Audio, but I guess it doesn't. With my Denon 1920 DVD player, I could set the HDMI Audio output mode seperately from the digital outputs. This way I could have PCM sent over the HDMI port, while full multichannel digital sound was sent over the digital outputs.
    Q: Is there any way I can set the HDMI output to PCM and keep full multichannel out from the digital outputs?

    With the BD-P1000, I can setup the speakers. I can choose between large and small speakers and I can switch the LFE on or off. My A/V Receiver has the exact same feature.
    Q: Does the speaker setup of the BD-P1000 affect the digital output (through the optical- or coaxial out) at all? What does it affect?

    There's an option to change the "HDMI Format" from TV to Monitor and vice versa. The manual is unclear as to what the actual differenc is.
    Q: What is the difference between "TV" and "Monitor" when setting the "HDMI format"?


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