Need help with recording xbox 360!



This is literally driving me nuts!:suicide::eek: I have tried everything i can think of and all i get is a black and white recording of the Xbox. Can someone please solve this annoying problem by telling me how to connect it properly?

Note: I have an Archos 605 with DVR Station, and am using a Standard Definition TV.


Tell us how you are trying to connect to the XBox and we may be able to help.

B&W recording is usually down to either an incorrect PAL/NTSC setting, or trying to get S-Video from a SCART socket that doesn't provide S-Video
Well i've got the 360 plugged in to the front white yellow and red ports (no scart) and then round the back i have my archos recorder sockets ( s video and white and red) plugged into the scart socket. Any idea's guys ? I also have my archos set to pal and s-video
Sorry, still not all that clear what you are doing, are you connecting the Archos to the TV or the XBox?

It would like you are using a SCART output on the TV and if so then it is exactly as I described above, you are trying to take S-vide from a SCART socket that doesn't support it.

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