Need help with Pronto Repair (soldering)


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Unfortunately I dropped my Pronto a few weeks ago and smashed the screen. I thought my luck might be turning up when I managed to get a replacement screen off a bloke from the US for £20 but when removing the old screen I accidentally scratched the PCB with my screwdriver. Severed about 6 lines


I rang a couple of electrical repair places nearby - one said "no way", the other was reluctant to say the least.
Does anyone know where I could get this sort of thing repaired for a negligable amount...or even better, is there anyone on the forums that can handle this sort of thing?

Thanks for looking :thumbsup:


You need a modelling soldering for PCB work ideally...
The trouble is, you may well have damaged more than just a few tracks
sharp metal and PCB's dont mix!


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Hi Fufna,

It's 6, sure of it, I counted 'em, stopped by a chip :D

In lew of not being able to find someone on the forums who might be able to help, is there a specific type of repairer out there who might be more suited than TV repair?

Thanks again.
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