Need help with problems connecting PC to Samsung LE32R51BD


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having found this forum from a search and registered its clear there are a lot of people here who know their onions so here goes.....

i have bought the above lcd and last week tried to connect via vga for the first time, as has been reported for the Samsung LE32R41BD i get the boot screen and then no matter what resolution i set prior to connecting i get no signal.

i have as per recommendations in other threads set the output to 60hz but still nothing even at a lo res of 800x600.

is this a fault as previously stated?

as this didnt work and i wanted to try play some hi def avi files i downloaded from tinternet i got hold of a dvi to hdmi cable.

now this works of a fashion but the picture quality is poor and i cannot read any of the docs and file names in explorer unless set to 1024x768 at the hdtv setting of 720.

can someone please suggest the optimal settings for hdtv 1080 that would allow me to browse and view with ease.




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Hi, I just got my TV yesterday. I'm going to setup my PC sometime this week. If I get it working I'll post the settings that I'm running it at. Then you can see if it works for you.

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