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I'm thinging of buying a sony 1270QM or sony 1271 QM or maybe a Barco graphics 801s crt projector any of you guys had any problems and do they come with line doubling or would i need to buy this and which one is the more modern machine and best picture quality also what weight are these machines as i only live in a small flat and not much room

I have a 1271QM for a few months now. While I can't compare to the Barco (others here are more qualified to do comparisons or you could check the archives), I can tell you it's performing well, and beyond my expectations for what might be considered a "low end" CRT.

It's pretty straightforward to set up, there is a good deal of support available on the various forums, the manuals can be come by on the Internet and there's a good deal of knowledge around.

I can, however, tell you that it's a very big, heavy beast. I'm not so sure how it would work out in a small flat. Have a look at my set-up from the link below to get an idea of scale.

Doesn't have a scaler. For fun, I plugged a Video Camera into the svhs input and the picture was just aboyt watchable but with very obvious horizontal lines. I run signals to the projector from a PC which handles the scaling and de-interlacing to give a very nice picture.

No problems so far with the hardware etc. Touch wood. Works well, gives me a cinema at home and blows the socks of anyone who sees it :)

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