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Need Help With Philips 37" LCD Choices

Discussion in 'Philips TVs Forum' started by Stu3, Aug 5, 2005.

  1. Stu3


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    maybe an RKI here can help me out with some questions I have.

    Looking for a 37 Inch LCD under $2K Euros. The only ones available here in Germany are Philips 5320 and 7320. Am I missing any other choices? I have yet to see a Sharp G6 or anything else in the under 2K range.

    All I want to be able to do is watch DVD movies and DVD recordings of US broadcast TV (recorded to DVD and mailed here). I don't have XBox, SKY (or any type of satellite and probable never will).

    Ovbiously the TVs here are 220. Are they dual voltage? My 20" Sharp LCD is dual voltage....but I don't want to assume the Philips units will work properly in the US when I return in 3 years.

    I am concered that these TVs do not have an NTSC tuner but I hope that by the time I go back to the USA HI-DEF will be readily available. Worst case I'll have to run the TV using the NTSC tuner in a VCR (but I hate having to use the VCR and TV remotes).

    What is the difference between the 5320 and 7320? Is one newer or better? The 7320 is nicer looking IMHO.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    ETA - I know that I could probably move into larger plasmas at this price point but for the space I have, 37 is as big as I can go....plus, the reflection/glare off plasma screens is really annoying unless the room is perfectly black (IMHO). I'm always surprised that more people don't complaing about glare on plasma screen.
  2. richiecas

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    Dec 29, 2004
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    I think the 7 series has pixel plus.
    Has anyone seen the 5320 in action with DVD or sky, what's it like?
    What size is the screen & how far away are you sitting? I am thinking about 37" and will be 10-12" away.
    I am considering this or 37PV500 plasma, any thoughts on which to go for

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