Need help with Panasonic 300!

Discussion in 'Projectors, Screens & Video Processors' started by Kailua, Nov 2, 2004.

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    Help! My projector won't turn on!

    I posted this on AVS forum and don't have it figured out yet. I found the ae100 manual here after a search (thanks!), went through it and still no luck.

    I noticed my projector was starting to look yellowish in the middle and read the blue polarizer replacement thread where monomer descibes how to change it. So I opened it up to see if the polarizer needed to be replaced before ordering it and it does.
    So I put it back together but with the blue polarizer slightly not in the same place to see how it affected the image. The projector worked but the image was "seperated" (not important for now). So I took it apart to seat the polarizer back in the original place and when I turned it on again the power light comes on red and the temperature light immeadiately starts flashing even though it has not been on for hours and is definitely not hot. I can get the fans and intake to spin by holding the power button down while flipping the main power switch so I know it's not that.
    Is there some way to reset the temperature gauge or check for a short in the thermostat? Any ideas would be appreciated as I hate to have to send it in, it's out of warranty.

    Thanks, Charlie

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