Need help with overextended image


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Hello guys, new to the forum here and Im looking for some expert's help. I'll give a quick outline of my problem and where I'm at so far.

About a year ago I got some older CRTs for free off craigslist because Im building a LAN party setup in my house. One of the TVs I got is really nice and I started using it daily for entertainment over my new flatscreen just because I have my original xbox plugged into it: a Sony KV-34HS510. Well after a week of playing games I realized the image in very much overextended on all 4 sides, but this only seems to happen when I use Component with HD, not when I use composite. Maybe it does, I dont even care about composite enough to check again. I bought a remote to get to the settings and found I can only change the vertical size of the image, not horizontal. Even though the image looks clear and sharp it's still overextended. I took my problem to a retro gaming discord and I was informed of the service menu, but warned that any changes could mess up the entire tv. So I thought a forum about televisions is the best choice to ask. I can attach any images if necessary. Thanks in advance! - Jake


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Did you buy the correct remote for your model of TV?
If so, did you try altering the aspect ratio?
I believe there is also a screen size setting in the Xbox menu.


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I did get the remote the tv originally came with, and the xbox only has options to change aspect ratio or resolution. There is no option to resize the screen. Changing the aspect ratio through the tv settings is only available when my xbox is outputting standard definition with composite cables. When the xbox is outputting high definition through component cables the settings are locked in the television menu.

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