Question Need help with my Pioneer VSX LX-302 AVR

Discussion in 'AV Receivers & Amplifiers' started by Captain Blazkowicz, Sep 18, 2018.

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    Hi everyone,

    I got some doubts regarding my Pioneer VSX LX-302. Hope I could get some answers here. Found nothing relative anywhere in net. Any help is greatly appreciated.

    My gear:
    Sony X930e 65” TV
    VSX LX302 AVR
    Boston acoustics speakers
    PS4 Pro
    Xbox one X
    Nvidia SHIELD TV
    Mid-level PC
    All are connected to AVR, then to TV through mono price premium HDMI cables.


    1. No sound when playing DTS HD-HRA videos (in KODI) from shield tv or PC. Everything else is fine. And the product page and the box says it supports hi-res audio..?
    2. Now, this is the main one. I figured out that 8 and 10 bit 4k content are reported as 24 and 30 bit 4k on the status box(press status button in remote). But when I output 12 bit 4k video it shows as 24 bit. I was expecting a 36 bit output, as the product website says that it supports deep color output, which is 36 bit(12 bit). Also, in my xbox when I chose 1080p for resolution and 12 bit output, the receiver reads it correctly and shows 36 bit in the status. 4K is where the problem starts. And when playing 4k remuxes in the shield(which are 24Hz and 10 bit btw), the avr reports as 4:2:2 24 bit whereas the correct one should be 4:2:0 30 bit.

    So, that’s it. Just two big
    Please let me know if you have come across any of these problems and found any workarounds for them. Or maybe just my unit is faulty. But I need to find out anyhow. Can't get rid of the thought that I'm missing out on something that I actually have.

    Thank you,

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