Need help with my Onkyo ht-s5805 av receiver


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Hi can anyone please help
I have a Onkyo HT-S5805 Home Cinema AV receiver and I keep having a error code of ng:lcrslsrblbr because you wrote

It’s in protection mode, you need to determine the error

To check protection mode: what kind of protection it belongs to when NG channel is displayed such:
1.Press the Enter button
2.Protect cause are displayed for 5 seconds.
DET.PROTECT:V(dc detected)

And my display is DET.PROTECT:I what do I do to rectify the problem
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I'm glad I could help. It would be good idea to open the amp and carefully sweep hdmi board from the dust.


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Ok I’ll have a think about that coz it was brand new out of the box but I am really thankful for you help and hope you have a good weekend
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