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In early March I purchased the Sony A8H and loved the picture (OLED) but hated the operating system and remote. Long story short, I sent it back, but ended up getting the same TV. I love the picture quality and love the motion especially with sports and movies. My only issue is when I play a video game. I do not “game” and just play Madden (football) and NBA 2k (basketball) games. I currently have a PS4 pro (PS5 is in the mail) and the issue I have is that during game play the game dims. It dims so bad it is hard to play. The game didn’t dim like this when I had the first Sony, so I am not sure how to fix. I have done everything from “power save mode” to light sensor off to change it from Game mode to Cinema mode. I have tried 100 different things and during play it still dims. I know OLED with do this so there is no “burn” but what makes me mad is that it will cut away and come back like new. So if I am playing a game of 2k and the quarters are 5 mins in length, about the 2 minute mark the court, players etc. are all dimming. If I call a timeout, go to the timeout screen, and then back to the game it is bright and nice. Rinse and repeat. Same as for Madden. If I call time out during play this resets the picture. If I go to settings on the TV and to “picture” just click on it and back out it resets. It is so confusing. I have read online when doing searches that this is common but I cant see how people would want to keep resetting the picture quality every 2 mins. It might be the PS4 but like I said it did not do it with the first TV. Maybe there is a bug and maybe I should exchange it? Any help would be thankful.


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First thing to do is disable HDR on the console so you can test to see if this happens in SDR and at least narrow the problem down.

Second go to measurements section of this A8H review and copy as many of the calibration SDR settings there that the game mode on the TV supports, no motionflow.

Also in PS4 Pro video options manually set the RGB range to Low/Limited.

See how that fairs and if it still dims, if these games have a lot of bright white segments on screen that will trigger ABL (automatic brightness limiter) which will dim the screen.

Try swapping the HDMI cable as a last resort option.

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