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Need help with my Logitech 5.1 system...


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Hi there!

I was advised to come here with my problem by an online mate at another forum. I hope you don't mind if I copy and paste our whole conversation into here. I hope somebody can help me out. I'd really appreciate it.

thelostdragon wrote:Hi there!

I hope somebody here is able to help me, because the people at Logitech customer support could not.

I have the Logitech X-530 surround system for my computer. However, when I watch a DVD with its DTS or 5.1 track on Power DVD, I can't hear the dialogues, but everything else is crisp and clear. In PowerDVDs configuration, I selected 6 speakers. There is also an option for 2 or 4 speakers. It works fine when I select these options, but with 2 speakers selected I don't get sound from the rear speakers and when I select 4 I don't get sound from the front speaker.

Does anybody know what to do?

Liersi wrote:
From what I could gather (like no good tech spec info to be found online), you might have this either hooked up incorrectly or set up your OS/Sound Drivers incorrectly or are missing a feature in PDVD.

Am I right assuming this doesn't have a decoder built-in and you have to hook it up to analog multichannel outs from your soundcard? If so you'll probably have 3 leads with jack connections to your PC. Your description sounds like at least the center channel (dialogue) not getting any feed. This is usually on its own plug while the front and rear speakers each share a plug.

First make sure your soundcard supports multichannel out. What soundcard are you using? I know Soundblaster cards have their own decoding active per default and it interferes with software decoding through PDVD. Second, which version of PDVD are you using? Are yu sure it supports multichannel decoding and not only pass-through (sending the digital audio to an external processor)? Most pack-ins of PDVD do not support actual decoding. Thridly, although that's a far shot, you might want to try setting your Windows sound preferences to 5.1 speakers in the system settings.

Before you do anything though, please list what hardware you're using.

thelostdragon wrote:

thanks for helping me there.

I don't have a soundcard because when I bought all the parts for my new computer, the motherboard I am using had 5.1 sound on-board. The motherboard I have is Asus K8V SE Deluxe.

In Windows, I applied the 5.1 setting and when testing it with the software (called SoundMAX) that came with the Asus board, all the speakers sound up. It shows a ball orbitting around the speakers and depending on the speaker it passes, it sounds up. So this is working fine and hence I think I plugged them all correctly.

All the speakers are connected to the subwoofer. The front right speaker is the only speaker which has actully 4 cables. One thick cable goes into the subwoofer and another 3 cables go into motherboard.

I also enabled AC3 SPDIF and PCM SPDIF from the advanced volume setup.

Does this make any sense?

Oh yes and I am using PowerDVD 6

Maybe this is of use, too. The three thin cables that go to the motherboard from the front right speaker are Bass/Center, Front Speaker Out, Rear Speaker Out. Now as there is also this thick cable going into the subwoofer, I assume that the audio information that comes from the motherboard, goes to the front right speaker from where it sends the signals to the subwoofer, which then sends the signals to the individual speakers which are connected to it.

??? Hmmm...!

Hmmm... I just checked what happens when I change the three cables that are coming from the front right speaker. If I switch the purple one with the green one, dialogue sounds up from the front center while playing a 5.1 or DTS track. But the front left speaker stays mute now instead.


Liersi wrote:
Hey LD,

the problem must be with the settings in either soundmax or PowerDVD then. You enabled SPDIF? That's not good, SPDIF is digital pass-through to an outboard processor. I doubt it does both decoding and pass-through at the same time.

Apart from that, it probably boils down to PDVD if the Windows side is working. I'm only using digital out myself and have never dug through the whole decoding thing in the comp, but it sounds like maybe PDVD and your Soundmax are sharing jobs in a bad way. Are they both set to decode audio? Is one or both set to SPDIF and only Windows to 5.1?

If all else fails you can still try and take a swing at a larger audience at AVSforum or beisammen.de (you're german IIRC, excuse me if I'm mistaken). Both have massive PC related communities that cover every possible scenario that ever happened between a human, a PC and a speaker.

Whoa I missed your last post somehow. Sounds like an unstable connection on that center contact. Try wiggling the jack, see if you get a sound or noise. Might just be a loose contact or wire.

thelostdragon wrote:
OK, in SoundMax, which came with the mainboard, there is SPDIF-configuration. When I click on that the Windows volume control appears + the advanced volume setup. I unticked AC3 SPDIF and PCM SPDIF. There is also a "Use SPDIF" option in PDVD's audio setup. I tried it, but the thing stays mute. I take it that the decoder does the job when SPDIF is selected in PDVD.

The problem however remains when playing a DTS or 5.1 DVD with the PDVD option of 6 speakers. The dialogue sounds when I select the 4 speakers, but the front center stays mute. It works however in the SoundMAX speaker test.

I tried to play the same DVDs with WinDVD for a change, but the problem remains the same.


Oh yeah... I checked the wires and the jack... everything's fine down there.

And yes, I live in Germany. ;-) Will try the AV forums as well, though. Thanks again for all your support.

And now I am here and I am starting to get desperate! He he he! Need heeeeelp! :)

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