Need help with multiplexer for Satellite and Antenna


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Okay, I've got my DirecTV split to my main TV and my office TV. My office TV has an HD tuner in it so I have an antenna connected to it for local HD. To combine these two signals, I had originally tried a splitter and, much to my chagrin, that did not work. So, with a little research, I finally found I needed a multiplexer to combine these two signals. So, with my satellite, via COAX, connected to my TV, it works fine. With my antenna connected to my TV, it works fine. However, when using my multiplexer (I purchased from Lowe's) the output is connected to my TV and the two inputs has one that runs to my satellite COAX, the other, to my antenna. When connected in this manner, my local HD channels work fine but my satellite signal is fuzzy. If I disconnect the antenna, the satellite signal is clear again. Once in a while, I can screw the antenna COAX into its jack just barely (perhaps 1/10 of a turn) and box signals will be clear. However, just the vibration from the TV's audio is enough to work this loose and either cut the antenna or satellite signals out. Is a multiplexer not what I need?

BTW, I have standard def satellite service, I know I can run both signals through a VCR (a suggestion I've found in other places) but have no room or inclination to add a VCR to my setup and both signals DO work fine on their own.

Thanks for your help!


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I suspect you may get more help on forums aimed at USA users rather than here where the vast majority of members are European.

We don't have DirecTV here and our equivalents don't tend to use coax to carry signals to the TV so you are facing problems we don't often have to deal with.

If I had to guess though I'd suspect that your DirecTV is using a channel frequency close to one that is also on your antenna.

Check and see if you have an option on the DirecTV box to select a different channel number.

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