Need help with MCE build please


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Hi all,

Had upgrade fever recently and have replaced a load of components in my main pc so have almost enough stuff left over to build a HTPC running MCE 2005.

So far I have

Silverstone LC10 case in black
MSI Neo Platinum 2 939 Nforce 3 mobo(agp)
A64 3500 Winchester cpu
1 Gig Corsair PC3200
300Gig Seagate SATA Hard Drive
X800Pro Graphics fitted with Arctic Cooler
Zalman CU7000 heatsink
Tagan 480 watt PSU

My intention is to get 2 Blackgold Freeview cards and to replace the chipset cooler on the motherboard with a Zalman cooler I have had sitting here doing nothing.

I would like to go from the graphics card to my amplifier via component.I know that ATI make the Component dongle but everywhere I have looked at it the specs all say it is for the 9800 series cards and lower.
Will it work with my card?My amp will take Svideo and upconvert it apparently as I have never tried it but I would prefer to allow the amp to do the switching through component.
"If" the dongle will not work what is the best way to get component out from the card?

Final questions now if you have got this far.

Has anyone who has a TIVO gone to MCE and regretted it?If you have can I ask why?

Lastly has anyone tried using a Pronto for the remote rather than the MCE remote or is it easier just to use the MCE remote.



PS If anyone can see any flaws in the spec can they please list them.
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