Need help with ma JS RGB to Plasma VGA box please

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Feb 3, 2002
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Got ma RGB to Plasma VGA box this morning. I'm connecting a Chord RGB Scart cable to it.

This is new to me, but, where is the vga to vga cable to connect the box to the back of the plasma ? If one isnt supplied with the box, then could someone help me with where to get a really good quality one ?

Are we loosing quality making all these different connections ?

We sell these seperate from the unit for two reasons:

1. You may want a different lead length from the standard 2m.
2. You may prefer to opt for one from a different source, such as I like to give you choices.

Have a look at the cables section of my website and if you want one, just pop me an email and I'll have it sent out to you on Monday.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.
Thanks John.

I just received your email to my house address also. I'll reply to that as soon as i can.
Thanks for that party animal.

Ive arranged a vga to vga cable from JS. I dont like buying cables that I cant find any info on or dont know anything about. The vga to vga cable is made by Van Damme.

The other Vga to Vga cables I had in mind were the Straightwire Silver-Link II VGA - VGA and I think Chord (Chord Company) does a Vga to Vga too (cant find info).

Comon Panny plasma owners, what VGA to VGA cables do you all use ?
I use the VanDamme VGA cable to connect digibox to Panny plasma with first class results.
I also use VanDamme component cables for DVD player and these give outstanding results.
thanks toonarmy...

The way i'm thinking is that I have a £125 rgb scart cable coming from ma skybox to the JS rgb to plasma vga converter.....the quality to that point is very good in my opinion.

Dont you think I'll loose some quality coming from the JS converter to the plasma tv using a £45 vga to vga cable ?

I would rather try to buy something more higher-end if possible...what do you think ?

I use VGA and component interconnects for my plasma. I was very impressed by the quality, and the price is not extortion. Far better than the Maplin rubbish I was using before...


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