Need help with linking movie list in Excel with each movie on hard disk


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Good day all

I have been listing all the movies I have stored on my hard drive in an Excel document so I can keep track of what I have

But what I actually want to do is be able to open and play any of those movies I have listed by clicking something within the excel file to save me time hunting for a movie from the hard disk

Essentially what I want to do is the same way as you would if opening an website from an excel file or clicking and email address and automatically opening email client

In this case I see a movie I want to watch in the excel file and would like to have the option to click play open or an icon within that excel file so it would automatically open said file

Is there any way of doing this it so how can I achieve this any help and or links for instructions would be most appreciated


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Right click in the cell, Select Link, then navigate to the movie file. You can also add a display name to keep things need and tidy.

File will then open in your default media player.

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Is there a reason something like emby, plex or jellyfin etc can't be used? It would have saved you a lot of time and effort.
Kodi would be my suggestion


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