Need help with InWall Speakers


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Hello All

I’ve had Monitor audio Gold cp IW inwall for about four years and they have been good so far but recently the front right started with slight distortion on loud films …

I think I will have to replace but should I go for same speaker Gold cp IW or W380 which is 150w compare to 120w on Gold IW.. they are both same price.. £330ish

Would I be all right in just replacing right front with w380 or should I move centre to right and new one in the place of Centre:confused:

Or should I buy two w380 for left and right? Which I’ll be wasting one speaker in a sense…

Also thought of getting M&K SW-150 in wall but can’t find them anywhere

The only reason I might go for W380 is because its 150w power handling rather then 120w I don’t know if it makes any difference as I am thinking of getting Acram AV9 and P7 soon

Please help

Many Thanks


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To be honest I would keep the front 3 the same otherwise you risk changing your front soundstage for the worse. If you have different speakers across the front you could have problems getting a well integrated front soundstage.
I do not think the increase to 150W will be any real benefit even if you do go to the Arcam combo. The 120W speakers will be more than loud enough.


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Thank you PSM
Seem like I’ll have to buy Gold cp IW unless of course I can manage to find three M&K in wall for front without having to break the Bank:rolleyes:


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We have two M&K dealers who are Authorised Advertisers:-

Rob at Gecko Inc - Home cinema and home audio experts and David at The Frank Harvey Hifi Blog both sell M&K and indeed one of those two companies have just sold me a set of five SW-85 for my own install

Hi Ian
Might I inquire if you are happy with SW-85 and how much you paid for them..
Of course I will have to replace all three fronts rather then just one.
Also would you recommend them over MA?
Many Thanks

Ian J

At the time of writing I hadn't quite ordered them but I have now and have changed my order to three IW-95 for the front and a pair of the smaller IW-85 for rear duties.

I am having quite a lot of work done to my living room during the mid February half term break which will include the installation of these speakers and I will report back afterwards.

I am expecting (and hoping) that they won't sound too different from my current stand mounted M&K speakers.

I'm afraid that I can't comment on the MA speakers as I've only heard them at Bristol and that doesn't really count

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