Need help with home cinema system




hope this is the right place for the thread but...

I just bought a goodmans ghc50 home cinema speaker system to go with my dvd player with built in dolby 5.1. Everything is hooked up ok and working brilliantly on the dvd player.

But i want to run the surround sound through my tv or video, is that possible? the manual is very limited to say the least. I have a scart-to-scart socket with audio-out leads - is this to connect the tv/video to my subwoofer and therfore to my surround sound? i know that surround sound may not be possible but i want the tv to go through the front and centre speakers.

Do i connect the scart to the tv and audio out cables into the back of the subwoofer? as i tried that but it was not working.

i might have confused the hell out of you but any help please?



also if you cant help is there any websites that would be able to help me on this?

many thanks

Phil Hinton

Staff member
I would love to help out But i am unfamilular with this unit. Can you explain what connection it has for Aux inputs.

Basically you are looking for line in for video 1 and 2 and connect Tv and Video with these, but really need more details.


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Don't know if you found a solution to this matter,but you are correct in thinking that you have to connect the scart to the tv and audio out cables into the back of the subwoofer? then you need to select the source on the amp to tv if connected to tv etc.You will not get 5.1 sound but it will go through the speakers and you can select the Virtual surround button on the remote for it to use all speakers.

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