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Hi sorry my first post is a request for help

I just have just upgraded from my PS4 to a new PS5 and given my PS4 to one of my kids (in the same house) Also my other kids as a 2nd PS4 in his room, and I believe that 2nd PS4 is the primary PS4 might be relevent)

On my PS4 I had a an external hard drive that has lots of PS4 games data and media apps like Amazon prime, Crunchy Roll etc

When I got the PS5 I took the external hard drive from my PS4 and plugged it into the PS5. This all works fine, the PS5 recognised the game and application data on the external hard drive, and I have been moving stuff back and forth between PS5 internal drive and External drive without issues

However when I started up the PS4 in my child's room and checked the library to download and install games and apps that had been on external had drive we noticed a lot of games had a triangle with an exclamation mark symbol in it. and when we tried to start these/download games we got an error message saying:

This game is on on the extremal hard drive you have to delete from the drive and re-download or inset disc.

So this is the PS4 remembering that certain game data is on the external hard drive. So I deleted a game from the PS5 external hard drive downstairs and tried again = same error message

I tried taking the external hard drive and attaching it back to the PS4 to show it it that the game data was not on the external hard drive = it said it was checking the external hard drive it would then circle and not doing anything (I had to do a hard shut down)

However the list of data in the external Hard drive now looks a bit different when it plugged into the PS4, so I think it might now have formatted itself to the PS5 and the PS4 can't see it properly anymore.

I tried downloading again from the PlayStation store, same error message. I even thought to log on as a new user on the PS4 to buy the game from the play store again, but it wouldn't let me buy it, only let me "play" it which got me the same message because the PS4 thinks the game data is still on the external hard drive

So currently the PS4 can access any games and apps that were on it's internal hard drive, and games and apps that are in my library but were not downloaded to either internal or external hard drives. But can't access anything including media apps that were on the external hard drive that I originally took from the PS4 and plugged into the the new PS5.

I have also tried wiping everything off the external hard drive and plugging it into the PS4 still get same error

And I tried putting the game disc of a game that once have Game date on the external hard drive (and has the the triangle warning sign in the library) into the PS4, but again the same error message. when I did this the disc didn't come up on the PS4's UI even.

Any ideas?

I getting to the point where I going to try a factory reset on the PS4 but I'm not sure that will work because it seems to be an account issue?

P.s if I did do a reset I was going to transfer my kid's account game save data temporarily from the PS4 to the PS5 and then back again after the reset, will that work OK?

sorry long question

Cheers Tomlen


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OK so an update I spoke to Playstation help and they saying to reset teh PS4 since it's obviously convinced there a external hard drive out there with the data on.

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