Need help with ffdshow and media player classic



First off, hello everyone, I'm new and am glad I found a place that is made for these types of inquiries.

Second off, I have a Computer for my pc, nothing super. I have an athalon xp 1800 with 512mb ram, and I recently installed an ati Radeon 9600XT card. I have mainly been using Powerdvd, but since i have a radoen, I figured I might delve into somethign I was weary with doing in my Nvidia days.

If you didn't know there is a player called Media Player Classic, and while I mainly use it for my regular video files, I have tested it using it for dvds, but getting unstable results for some reason. Now that I use it with my new card, it seems faster than powerdvd. Now when i had my nvidia card, when I tested playing a dvd on it, it used ffdshow to encode the video, which I have heard many people saying that it is very powerful to use ffdshow/radeon/media player classic combo. I m trying to enable ffdshow for the dvds, but cannot get it to show up. Anyone know a way to use it.

I mainly want to do this so I can use dscaler and postprocessing on dvds to give optimum results.

thanks for listening.

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