Need help with EQ for home theatre


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Hey guys. I have little experience with audio equipment but I'm tech savvy otherwise. My home theatre bass is annoying my neighbor and I'd thought adding an equalizer to selectively turn down the bass is the best solution.

My setup:
Sony DAV-HDX500
Connected with Amazon Echo, HDMI TV with optical, XBOX One, and occasional iphone with aux.

Heres the manual where you can see the inputs and outputs:

Any ideas for an EQ that is compatible or any other solutions?



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I had a sony DAV system many years ago and a quick look at the manual suggest the speakers and sub are very similar to yours.

The problem that brings up is I don't remember the bass being particularly deep with it anyway, so I'm not sure there is a lot you will be able to do via electronics to keep the neighbour happy beyond reducing the sub volume. You could high pass the feed to the sub with an external analog circuit (there are plenty of sub-crossover circuits on amazon), but by the time you do that having a sub may be a bit pointless.

Perhaps a better approach might be in looking at way to isolate the sub from the floor by means of acoustic foam or perhaps by placing it on something of high mass (thick heavy slab).

A couple of granite chopping boards separated by large acoustic gel feet might help for eg. But expect a lot of trial and error.


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Well I was hoping an EQ would help me decrease the volume of the sub. Something I'm not able to do currently. It would be so nice to just bring down the bass a few dB (or a bunch)


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Hi. I have never heard of a system that doesn't allow you to manually set the levels of each speaker. I had a quick look at the manual and on page 93 it states that the subwoofer level can be adjusted between -6db and +6db.

Also, there is a dynamic range compression setting (page 91) for listening to movies at night, you could try that.
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