Need help with epson 5050ub vs 4050 & screens


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Nov 10, 2021
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I am a complete av noob with just the determination for learning and getting my DIY home theater set up. I can't splurge on this, so piecemealing it in a desperate attempt to lower the total cost.

Recently got the below speakers and AV receiver,

Now I am on the hunt for projector and screen. My budget is under $3500 for this. I depend mostly on streaming services for watching movies and may buy a blue-ray player in the future. Mostly a weekend movie night expectation out of this set up rather than general TV viewing. No gaming.

Media Room:
  • 16' x 13'
  • Completely light controlled dark room.
  • I can mount my projector at about 13' ~ 14' from the screen wall.
  • The room is painted all the way with dark blue and carpeted with light grey color.
  • The max viewing distance that I can do with my room is around 13' ~ 14'.
  • Leaving some space from my 2 floor standing Front L/R speakers, I believe the max I can go with is under 128 ~135" (2.35:1) screen.
Based on my googling, narrowed down to epson 5050ub & 4050 as my projector option.
Some reviews on the mentioned projectors say that 4050 is a pro grade built for darker room(hence the black casing), where as 5050UB is a versatile one which can be used with considerable ambient lighting in the room as well and still manage to produce nicer picture quality.
I also remember a mention of 5050 being able to play full HDR while 4050 is SDR and also about some advantage on the refresh rates. I don't understand these well enough.

Given my media room specs, will I be ok with 4050 and not miss anything that 5050UB has to offer?

On the screens, I am thinking of something like,
going for an under $1000 screen if paired with epson 4050 - assuming relatively lesser contrast ratio amongst other things of 4050 can be compensated by a more refined screen.
going for an under $500 screen if paired with epson 5050 - assuming that 5050 is a relatively better projector and may not need a well refined screen.

^ are very random generalizations from a noob :).

I need your help in choosing the right fit for me. TIA!!
The 5050 will benefit from better room conditions meaning dark walls and ceiling colour otherwise save the money and go for the cheaper 4050.
I would be inclined to try AVS forum where you will get more local recommendations.
Thanks @markymiles . I didn't realize there is another forum for local recommendations. I will try posting my question AVS Forum too. Would you be able to provide any suggestions on my query as well?
Well I am a always get the best you can type of person. So out of those two I would go for the 5050, better contrast and HDR possibilities. The 4050 can't accept 4K60 HDR at all. So no chance for 4K HDR gaming or streaming if that's your thing. The HDMI is only 10.2Gbps bandwidth.
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