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In need of help setting up digital TV .

Current setup -

Digi box
Scart cable from digibox to TV
Power cable from mains to digibox
RF cable from digi to tv-out on antenna
RF cable from digi box to ANT socket on TV

Otherwise antenna also plugged into mains via power lead

TV plugged into mains with power lead

When I turn the tv on it shows the digital menu screen but the channels do now show any picture

When I scan for channels in setup it says "scan completed , no channels have been found , please check antenna /cable "

Any suggestions what I'm doing wrong ?



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You should have a coax from aerial to box rf in, and a second from box rf out to TV rf in. The antenna power should be between the digi box and the aerial.


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I suspect you're viewing the digital menu screen on your TV's internal DTV tuner rather than the AV input your “digibox” (I presume you mean a Freeview box?) is connected to.
Brand and model number of your TV and Digibox would help us to help you.
What type of aerial are you using?
External, loft or indoor set-top type?
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