Need help with DAC's


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Hi guys,

Im toying with the idea of getting a DAC for my system. At the moment I use the Pure I20 ipod dock to connect to my amplifier and this has an inbuilt DAC. Im wondering whether upgrading to an outboard DAC such a V DAC would make a discernable difference? I've read conflicting things with some people stating there is a noticeable difference and some saying not.

Any thoughts would be appreciated with any recomendations on decent DAC's below £200.



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Can the Pure unit actually take a digital output from an Iwhatever?
I got the impression that very few units can do this, the exception being the Wadia and Onkyo docks.
If your Pure can't, then it's pointless even considering an external DAC.


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not sure if this is the best place to ask about dacs, but I think to get a useful answer will depend on people knowing about the rest of your kit eg quality of amp and speakers. Eg a speaker upgrade may offer a better upgrade for your money than a new dac where differences can be marginal. Or your amp may have a half decent dac anyway.

PS is all your music ripped lossless?


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Hey Jaunty thanks for the reply.

Yeh I did see that review however I have also read things from other I20 users saying they couldnt notice much difference when using an external DAC.....

My system is Pure i20 - Marantz Pm6004 amp - Monitor audio bx2 - Bk xxls 400 I've only recently bought this so can't really warrant upgrading already.

I suppose the only way to know is to try a DAC before buying.....

i suspect i wont notice much difference tbh but im itching to buy one for some reason.

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