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Hi all,
I'm a newbie on the subject of speakers and really need advice on choosing.

I've been using inexpensive MICROLAB PRO-3 2.0 speakers for over a decade and have been absolutely happy with them. I work at home on the PC and listen to music all day while working. In order not to disturb the neighbors, I have to decrease the bass and make the sound quieter.
I listen to almost all genres, really like music with vocal, rock, trance, electronic, instrumental, pop etc. I also use my speakers for computer games and watching movies.

I moved and couldn't take the speakers with me. And now I am trying to choose new ones.
The room is about 4 by 4 meters, the speakers will be on a computer desk against the wall. I still need the sound to be good at low volume and I really don't need a lot of bass. Budget limit is $500, and I prefer to avoid buying a subwoofer. Considering models that are available in the US.

I didn't even realize that I am so picky about sound quality until a friend lent me the Klipsсh the Fives. All specs and reviews said that they sound great, but I've been testing them for days and literally hate everything about their sound. I don't like the abundance of bass, I don't like the way the bass clogs the voice, the Klipsсh sounds poor on low volume, better on high, but I can't allow it to me. Overall, I feel like the sound is like a blanket is thrown over the speakers or the sound is coming from a pipe with echo. In many genres the speakers have some kind of club/concert sound, the bass makes everything buzz and vibrate, and the voice is lost in the background, vocal lacks life and intonation, it feels like I'm at a metal band concert, but I'm a fan of studio recordings. Plus, the Fives are very placing sensitive, which I absolutely dislike as well. I've been playing around with the EQ settings, but apparently, I just don't like the signature sound of the Klipsch regardless of the settings.
I don't want to say they are absolutely bad, they have ton of bass and handle metal and electronic music very well, but I don't like the vocal part at all and for me they certainly doesn't feel like upgrade compared to my last speaker from 10 years ago for $100.

And now I'm confused, what's wrong with me if I prefer the sound of the cheap ones to the cool $500 speakers?

I've been trying for weeks now to pick up some kind of option, so I don't have to experience this disappointment again.
I'm looking at the Dali Oberon 1, I love how it emphasizes vocals beautifully and the symphonic instruments sound very realistic. But I've seen some reviews that it's not good for all genres and also people complain that they get tired of them quickly.
I also recently listened to Marshall at a friend's house and it was truly beautiful.

I found that the Presonus and Q ACOUSTICS 3030I have similar feelings that I experienced with Klipsch. So these are also examples of what I wouldn't want.

I hope based on my story, you can recommend something suitable. Thank you in advance!


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In your position I'd buy an ifi zen dac and two JBL lsr 305 or two Adam t5v studio monitors


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And now I'm confused, what's wrong with me if I prefer the sound of the cheap ones to the cool $500 speakers?

That's not at all uncommon. Could be that the cheap speakers are actually superior (i.e. more accurate) than the costly speaker (after all, there is no definitive relationship between cost and quality) or could be you have grown accustomed to the current system and so you favour similar-sounding speakers - or a combination of both.

Interesting you found that the Klipsch and Q Acoustics sounded similar because their "house sound" couldn't be more different, allegedly. That said, not all models in a manufacturer's range of speakers necessarily share the "house sound".

I haven't heard any of these speakers so can't guess at the type of sound you seek but muljao has suggested a great-sounding setup in post#2. Sound cards built into PC's are often quite poor. Besides, IMO, Digital-to-Analogue Conversion is best done outside the electrically noisy environment of a computer.

I'm unfamiliar with this particular Microlab Pro3 - 2.0 speaker. Is it a passive speaker pair supplied with separate matching amplifier? I guess another passive speaker, such as the Dali and Q Acoustic speakers mentioned (or any other passive speaker pair), could be used with the amplifier that came with the Microlab speakers? I'm hesitant to suggest anything because your current setup is unknown to me but in terms of sonic accuracy (assuming that's what you want?), the IFI Zen DAC V2 feeding a pair of JBL 305P Mk2 (successor to the JBL LSR305) would be difficult to beat at that price, although it means that the amp supplied with the Microlab speakers (I think) will be redundant.

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