Need help with choosing a Projector plus room layout

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Hi All

This is my first post in the projector section so guys take it easy on me ;)

I have decided to completely revamp my front room as it is falling to pieces. This has given me a great oppurtunity to conceal all my wires for all of my av equipment.

I already own a Sharp 37" P55E LCD which I shall be keeping for normal TV use. I do however want to buy a HD Projector for watching films and big sporting events. I need help in choosing the right projector and screen. Also I need help in positioning it in my front room. The room is 34'x13'. I am wondering if by placing the projector 'long ways' in the room, it will mean a better picture as I will be sitting further away from the screen (and possible less visible noise and artifacts??) The diagram below should explain better what I am trying to achieve.


1) My concern is that if I have the projector screen not in the same place as the LCD, I will screw up the left and right speaker setup. This will mean that I will be sitting between two right channel speakers if I am watching from the sofa in the bay window area.

2) If I use my exisitng old SD Yamaha DVD player (which does no scaling) will it be sufficient as a source for the projector, as the projector will do all the scaling?

3) If I use a powerful HTPC with FFDSHOW will that be sufficient to provide the projector with a good source of SD DVD material or would a dedicated player be a better choice?

The questions are starting to roll now so I better stop right now before my head starts to ache.

Currently I own a Wii 360 and PS3. I would be using the projector mainly for HD use as my tv handles all the SD stuff. I think the only thing I need is an av receiver and maybe a dvd player with the projector.

Anyway my budget for the projector is around £1300-£1500. I am very interested in the AE1000 as I have seen it for £1300 at a place called hivizone in Hong Kong. Since I visit HK 4/5 times a year I was thinking that I may take a punt on this even if it has a RTB warranty.

Any advice on projector positioning and actual projector would be much appreciated. It doesnt have to be a 1080P projector as long as the picture processing is good.

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