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Hi there. I wondered if anyone could help me I want to expand the RAM of my PC by 512MB and wondered how I went about it, (PCI slot)?? Also I want to buy 4 USB 2.0 ports for my Printer / Camera / iPod. Is ebay a good place as they have PCI ones for roughly a fiver? Is there any other basic, cheap method I could use to make my PC run a bit faster?

Also, how do I change my keyboard software from American to English, as I currently have no pound sign and alot of the shif keys are wrong. Finally I'm running XP service pack 2, as its my dads old PC from work. What would be the cheapest / easiest way to install XP home pro on it? Thanks. Nick
1) Why do you need xp home when you already have xp ?

2) To change the keyboard settings, start / control panel / regional and language / advanced / change required settings.

3) Ram comes in various different types and speeds. Go to this: and do a system scan and then report the details back.

4) USB is fine, why not put a wanted post on these forums as I have seen them been given away for free before !

5) Do all the above and I will give you some more pointers ;)


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1) The edition I have was one not supplied with the PC as I lost the disk so I borrowed a service pack from my dad's work. Basically it wont let me download alot of the updates from windows, such as media player 10. Ideally I would like Vista premium but I haven't seen it for a decent amount. Plus in its current state I don't think my PC is up to it.

2) Thanks!


4)Thanks again!

If I wanted to really give it a kick up the arse, decent update with vista premium and new componants, how much would I be looking at. Nothing flashy just a modernisation, its about 4 years old I reckon. I don't game on it BTW. It has a 60 Gig hard drive also.
Your ram would cost you about £150 for 1.5gig vista is another £150 then your graphics card is anything from £50 up.

Thats £350 so far :eek: An extra few pound and you could have a new system or you could go for a base system for even cheaper.

With £350 on ebuyer it gets you:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 1,86GHz
1024MB DDR2 533 Memory
250GB SATA II Hard Drive 7200RPM
DVD RW +/-RAM Optical Drive
Windows Vista Home Premium

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