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Question Need help with AVR in my setup


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Hi all,

I have the following gear:

1 turntable
2 passive speakers
2 interconnected powered speakers
1 television
1 powered subwoofer

What's the best way to set them up? Do I really need a pre-out for the powered speakers? My main priority is the audio quality. Would I be better off getting a stereo amp instead of an AVR?

Requirements: Essentially a 2.1 setup with 4 speakers (2 left, 2 right and a subwoofer) - TV's sound goes through the sound system - preferably being able to stream music either through chromecast, bluetooth or wifi to the system.

Budget is <400£.


At that price point a stereo amp is always going to outperform a receiver. Why pay for seven channels of amplification that are inferior when only two are required which will be of a far better quality.


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Fair point.

Now regarding the connectivity of the system, do I need to connect the powered speakers through a pre-out?

In the most basic scenario I am looking for pretty much 3 different inputs:

1. Turntable (either through pre-amp or not)
2. Streamer
3. TV

and outputs with:
2 channel for passive, 1 for sub and pre-out for powered.

Am I correct?


You can get amps with A and B speaker outputs to drive your speakers, although I have to ask as to what benefit running four speakers would bring, unless that is they are in seperate rooms as timbre could be compromised. As for connecting your equipment then turntable would be RCA with both TV and streamer connected by either digital optical or co-ax. Some amps also come with a dedicated sub out. Others on here will have more knowledge about various models than I have.

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