Need help with Audio Set up on PC

Hi all,

So I've got the following set up which is being used by my dad. He's in his late 70's, has a tonne of old school vinyls, Reel to Reels and cassette tapes from back in the day that he wants to transfer to digital.

Problem we've got is that to set it all up so he can record via PC, getting everything to work seamlessly is becoming a real pain in the backside.

For a bit of context, he's an ex-machine technician for AV equipment, but I think he's slowing down, and things aren't as straightforward any more. He ends up tinkering with the set up (because it needs to) and then ends up with it no longer working.

Now, of course I help where I can, but it is getting to the stage where I'm putting in 2-3 hours a week (perhaps an exaggeration but it's feeling like a lot of time), trying to re-engineer the setup, check all the pc settings, test all the inputs on record - etc.

Therefore, that leads me to the point where there must be an easier set up for us.

What I've attached is our current set up.

The key points I want to get working are below:

1) The R2R should be recordable in PC software such as Audactiy. In the process we'll need to hear the ouput via the speakers/headphones
2) The same with Cassette / CD player
3) The same with any other input connected to the line in.
4) The input from the PC should also be recordable - he teaches an instrument and sometimes wants to record directly into the PC.

Any recommendations?

Am I approaching this the right way or should I simplify?

I'm wondering whether we need a more suitable amp for this, but no idea what amp to go for really...

Many thanks in advance!!!
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I don't see why they don't work currently. The only thing I see wrong on your diagram is that you've swapped the input and output labels on the PC - you've written line in under output and speaker out under input.

The only thing you mention that's unusual is trying to record an mp3 file on PC. Wouldn't it be better just to convert it to a different format directly?
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I would get a mixer with USB audio interface in your case. Main reason here is , because your old man wants to record instruments as well. Big advantage of having a mixer is that even if he upgrades his PC, you guys won't have to fanny around with the setup too much, well not really at all.
I was going to post/recommend a mixer/recorder by boss, but they don't seem to make them anymore I think. Just google for some mixer reviews and you probably find something that will suit him, functionally and financially. But before you get "that" specific mixer, make sure to check the manual on the manufacturers site, to make sure it is the one you want.
That's lovely thanks guys

@EndlessWaves - yeah they sort of "work", but it's a constant faff - you're right about the labels, but it's more to differentiate between the phones OUT being the line IN... A real mind**** for someone who knows a little but not enough about the hardware side of things.

@sides - So after a bit of research and having it confirmed here by yourself, through a personal recommendation, and also independently by a seller of an item that an audio interface is what I need I've found and am looking to buy one today; it'll be good to get this sorted!

Thanks for all your help!

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