Need help with a Panasonic E85


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When I connect up the DVD its fine when playing discs through any device however, when i use the tuner on component out or scart to a TV or my projector the picture will be ok for a while then start jumping around, as though its trying to correct the timings or aspect ratio. I have tried turning progressive off and forcing the aspect ratio on the projector but it makes no difference.
It also does the same via a straigh through RF cable to the TV,
It seems to me as though the tuner is faulty?
Any suggestions?


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How about playing off the HDD ? - Does it record the 'jumping' if you record from the tumer ? - if so then something definately wrong with the tuner or TBC on the unit rather then your connections so back to the shop me thinks !


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Hi Thx for the reply,
I have removed the scart and it seem to be ok, I can output RF to a TV no problem and component to my projector.
The projector picture is quite good, better than I thought it would be :)
I was under the impression from the specs that it had Digital Coax out so I purchased a cable to feed the amp, but it only has digital optical :(
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