Need help with a film title.


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Right so I thought the film was called called something like sixteen/seventeen/18 etc... but turns out its not.

Can't remember the actors in it so I can't even look it up on google. What I do remember however is the front cover. It's a pic of the main character a young girl with her tongue sticking out showing a tongue piecing. Does anyone know the film I mean?


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ah that the one, i started too high up in the teens. Thanx dude, been stringing words together in google for ages and have been turning up buggar all but random porn pages with girls with piercings


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You can find virtually anything connected with films and tv here and use their excellent search engine:


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yeah been using IMDB for years but when you can't remember the title or any actors it turns into about as much use as something like google maps at finding the film.


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This site has been a Godsend in our house when we hear a song in a film or TV prog and either the end credits are squashed so we can't read them or just left out.


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