Need Help wiring 70v Speaker System


I'm upgrading our family bar's 70v speaker system from a 1000w amplifier to a 3000w amplifier so that we can add more speakers and more zones. I already know how to configure and install these systems and also how to keep the total wattages within each zone and overall total within 80% capacity.

The current system has each zone (3 zones) wired directly to the amplifier. Since I'm adding several more zones, I don't want to wire each zone directly to the amplifer since A) It will be a lot of wiring behind the amp & B) The A/V closet is unfortunately at the far corner of the buidling and so it would require a lot of extra wiring. So my quesiton is am I able to tie each zone together into a central junction box and then run 1 single (thicker gauge) wire from that junction box back to the amplifier? And if so, what is the gauge of wire that would be safest to carry the full current to the junction?

I plan on having 3 (200w) zones, 2 (100w) zones & 2 (35w) zones. And yes, I know a 3000w amplifier is over-kill for these total wattage but I got it used for an insane deal that was just way too good to take up. Plus there is plenty of room if we need to add more and more speakers.

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