Need Help w/ GeForce and Sony HDTV



Hi There,

I'm having a problem w/ a custom built PC I bought for use w/ my Sony HDTV. I don't have a standard monitor at all and I'm using the DVI and S-video to connect to the TV

To do the initial setup I had to boot in the S-Video display and then configure the HDTV as a 2nd monitor and set to primary for it to work.

In the past the display has gotten lost when I booted the PC w/o the DVI connector attached to the TV, causing me to go back into S-video display and set things right

Last night I accidentally removed DVIX from TV while PC was running. Today while booting up I am unable to get Windows to display at all - even from the S-video. As soon as it gets past the Windows splash the display loses the signal

Anybody have any clues or tips how I can 1) get S-Video working again so I can reconfigure the HDTV display properly and 2) tips to prevent this happening again?


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