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New around here, and sorry if this isn’t the best thread to post this question to as I wasn’t certain which it fit. Doing a lot of researching to get this far and needing some more help! Just purchased this home, 12 years old, obviously never setup home speakers.

There’s x1 speaker EACH across x4 rooms (living room, master, study, and upstairs loft). Not a pair anywhere, just single speaker in each room.

Found the wiring behind blank faceplates. Appears the master and study both wired to the wall (separately in each room) with 2 conductor to go to volume control and 4 conductor from there (I assume this is the purpose anyway).

Some pulling of cables in the living room uncovered that everything is routed behind a blank faceplate.

What I don’t know/understand:

- what’s the 4-conductor wire’s purpose as each goes from living room to master/study walls? But only single speaker speakers there w/ 2-conductor. 4-conductor into volume control, 2-conductor our; perhaps the extra white/green is merely for future expansion? Or is there another obvious purpose I’m missing.

- in the living room, some wires were found to be a loop with no available end. Cutting them discovered that one powers the living room speaker and the other powers the loft, though the other cut half of each does nothing. Is this likely just excess wire stapled in the wall or might it be likely to have some other purpose?

- what’s the best method to provide audio to this setup, being that nothing is setup for stereo, left/right channels?

Receiver center channel —> speaker selector switch, at which point it wouldn’t matter whether each speaker is wired to left or right? Or amp w/ mono setting —> selector switch —> speakers?

Some other way?

Thank you in advance.

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